Sunday, 18 August 2013

Descent 2nd edition - the rest

Now. Whilst this blog is generally anything i like within the hobby. i do tend to predominantly aim most of my focus towards heroquest... i do play other games honest!
but a while back i posted a little review of descent journeys in the dark 2nd edition. part of that review was focused on my distinct lack of liking any of the figures. now ive seen on various forums etc how people have praised these mini's for their amazing detail. but to put it bluntly if i had no desire to give them a decent paint job. there must be a perfectly good reason for that right?
we really enjoy the game in this house..but quite frankly the models really are shit.
up the scale a bit. stop focusing on pointless detail and actual make some cool models..sorry to the sculptor/s but they really just dont do it for me. they kind of look like they have been made with a 3d modelling program and then printed with a 3d printer. has anyone else ever noticed the difference between hand scupted and digitally sculpted? I'm not sure if they were digitally sculpted. but they definately have that feel about them....soulless!
am i wrong? id love to hear if people do actually disagree with me. because im sure my comments must of been viewed by many. infact i know they have, because that 1 single post is the most popular post on my entire blog with more than double the views to its nearest post....that says something. descent is popular i guess. its a newer game..possibly using newer technology to create the models.
anyways i thought id post this up as a little bit of a filler as ive got lots of stuff in the works at the moment but havent really got anything finished. and i havent posted for a few weeks.
anyways...take a bow...the cast of descent!

awful to paint........
 Grisban the Thirsty
definately my favourite of the heroes. and one of the much better sculpts, probably because just like me....he is an alcoholic.......:)
just love the curly bases dont you?
these deserved a better paint job...but at this point i just couldnt be arsed.
this are just frikkin weird. I didnt even want to paint i taught my 10 year old daughter how to dry brush...and et voila! not bad huh?
i so wanted these to be better models. i just love how the chin and neck are the same thing. again awful to paint.although they came out better than i thought they would
 Flesh moulders
not even these could remould themselves to be good sculpts
ridiculously small.awful to paint...base colours and army painter were my only friends here
 jain fairwood
not a bad sculpt..again though shitty this point i was losing the will to live. and just wanted to finish the job
 Leoric of the Book
smug looking git!! nuff said.
weird sharky things...actually my fave models in the entire set..still not good enough for me to finish the bases hehe
just spiders aint they? you can pick up better ones in the little toy bags for about 50p

Forgotten her name...dont care!
another awful one to paint. some nice details on the armour. but the face is just deformed!
 Tomble Burrowell
came out better than i thought for a 15 minute paint job lol
 Widow Tarha.
i actually like this one....not sure why. still a shit sculpt
gimme heroquest ones anyday..these are flimsy as hell. i have to move them on the table with a pair of tweezers out of fear of them breaking in half.

Ok there we go..thats all of them. Finito!

ps. back to HEROQUEST soon :)