Tuesday 15 March 2016


whilst this blog originally featured mainly heroquest and descent content. you will of noticed more frequently my posts are featured around my advanced heroquest. whilst my general love for dungeon crawlers is my main focus for this hobby. My true affection goes out to Advanced heroquest.
a very much under looked game in my opinion. a true sandbox of a game that gave you scope to go adventuring to your hearts content.
whilst the game was not perfect. i still feel this game captures the true essence of what a dungeon crawler should be all about. Adventure! Fighting! Looting. Delving deep down into murky old dungeons, hazards and traps awaiting behind every door.
Advanced heroquest had it all. and still does to the very small community that lurk just of the beaten path.

for anyone that hasn't played before, and likes a good crawler. then i cant recommend it enough.
once you get hooked you want more.

Ever wondered what rules i play for advanced heroquest?
go see Slevs blog to find out more

this features a revamping of many of the games features whilst keeping the overall rules exactly the same. fighting, exploring its all done the same. only better!

I've been helping out a little bit creating up to date maps and whatever graphics we can throw in to give things a nice fresh feel
you will notice the stats are more focused around WFB stats, which also comes along with a conversion chart so that you can create your own. along with MASSIVE bestiary's for the various Old World races. 
the character sheets have had a huge overhaul so that players can get a much longer life span out of their characters. giving that feel of connection as your heroes grow, learn new skill and abilities, gaining experience as they grow into becoming legendary dungeoneers.

a brand new point system for character creation allows you to create a huge array of different character styles, the added bonuses from abilities and weapon allowances allowing the heroes to have a much wider scope that sets them apart from the monsters of the dungeon
The maps have been revised to now feature double doors, as well as gaining a fresher clearer appearance.
cool brand new designed double sided spell books that cover all of the colleges of magic as well as dark magic.
Additionally you may choose to take a religious path for your hero with prayer books becoming the religious version of a spell book. (all spells and prayer books come in printer friendly and ink buster versions)

i really cant cover all of the source material in one post. so go check it out!
most of all. give it a try. there is a lot of material to download. but its worth it if you really want the best dungeon crawl you can find

go add the blog/follow or whatever to show your support. feedback is highly recommended to help Slev refine and create this fantastic addon.


  1. This looks fantastic and something I will probably dig into first once the painted portion of the "questing" collection is up to snuff. I have files for AHQ2 and EAHQ I assume this is a third variant?

    1. you'd have to go ask slev over on the blog. its something i stumbled upon a few years back and. seemed to be going in the direction of what i viewed as being everything needed from a crawler. AHQ has always had the best basis as far as i am concerned and this factored in all of the things i think it needed the most. the choice of 'options' allow you to go as deep as you want in terms of addons. so yup i vouch for it. but i only draw the pretty pictures in it all :)

    2. EAHQ is actually a variant inspired by my variant :D

      AHQ2 is an older name for my work, but I changed it to differentiate myself from "AHQ Second Edition", who where going in a different direction. Plus, this sounds cooler!


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