Thursday, 14 January 2016

The Dark Beneath The World (pt3)

well looks like it's time for my first post of the year. now i did vow to post more this year. but so far ive opted for doing more rather than posting it thus far.
as a result i think ive hit a pretty solid milestone in the sense that. ive actually done crap loads on the troll from these posts

The Dark Beneath the World (pt 1)

The Dark Beneath The World (pt2)

now without pattering around too much you can see from the previous parts to this project, the journey, the planning and the beginnings.
and its been a while since i last posted anything on him. so over xmas i just decided to blitz him out of the way. so i have now completed the sculpt and its ready to paint

 from the descriptions i managed to get quite a lot of the explained details onto the model

- Horn-headed. (got the big sprout on one side and a few stubby spikes on the other)
- Hideously changed. the one side of his face being heavily distorted, the other being more drawn towards the horn)
- Gnarly hide covered in huge, dripping tumours. (check check)
- Three enormously muscular arms, one of which terminated in a pincer claw. (got the pincer in there and three arms, albeit a little straggly)
- Growing from its left shoulder, like some obscene fruit, was a small, babyish head which glared at them with wise malign eyes. (got the baby head)
- Huge leech mouth set below its neck. (managed to get this in, although it probably looks a little like something else other than a mouth..haha. very chaotic!)
- Chain warpstone (here i went for 2 huge chunks of warpstone. 1 chained around him hanging beneath the head. and another hammered into his spine)

 so you can still see he is a troll..whilst i did want him to look more disfigured than this. but i pretty much made up the head as i was going.
im still happy that he looks like a troll, albiet a pretty disfigured one. I didnt want to go too far chaos warped. never go full chaos warped! but basically i didnt want to lose the fact that he is a troll.
you can make out the baby head, i decided not to go the total recall route and took a completely different path there (20 internets to the first person that spots where exactly copied the baby head from)
the leech like (vagina) shaped mouth i managed to squeeze onto his left pectorial.
 here you can se the less disfigured right side of the face. the ear only remaining as a stub as the horn sprouts from his head
 i put loads of pustules and boils/sores all over him, not really holding back there much.
 here you get a good view of the huge bullnosed pincer. i decided to go for something more brutish than sharp like you would see on slaneesh
 here you can just make out the warpstone hammered into the spine. i literally puts loads of huge bubbling boils all around the warpstone to make it look like its festering and the route of the spawn
i kept the lower half pretty much as it was to signify the change in the troll. i didnt want it to look like this chaos troll was a product of any chaotic breed.
whilst it has warpstone agonisingly hammered into its spine and hung around the neck, you could assume it was a product of skaven experiments.
whilst the boils and sores sugges Nurgle.
the pincer screams Slaneesh
the head and leech mouth point towards Tzeentch

the only one not really covered here is Khorne. and lets face it, they have had their fair share of coverage since the release of age of sigmar. so no need here.

but the point being is that i wanted to keep it somewhat of a mystery as to its origins from troll, to mutated beast. and i think ive somewhat succeded on that front.

so as far as i am concerned...its ready to be painted.
im unsure of the colours but im kind of leaning towards blue/grey/purple based. this will help the greens of the warpstone really pop out. but im quite undecided yet on how i am going to paint it. im totally open to suggestions or references if anyone has seen anything cool out there.
i just weant to make sure that i keep it looking like he live in the dark beneath the world

first post of the year done