Wednesday, 23 October 2013

In The Spotlight - wargames bakery

every now and then i find the odd thing whilst scouring through blogs and various websites. here is something i found and right away just thought "genius idea!!"
now some people really go to town when basing their figs. me however im very much a fan of generic bases. maybe im just lazy, but i have a problem seeing items on bases and grasping the fact that 'that boulder is following him around'
so the long and short of it i like generic, but ill hold me hands up and be honest im also lazy on this front. quite simply i cant be arsed!
however someone has come up with a way to help those like myself to be able to create bases with ease!
web link

BASING PADS?? what the hell are they?
well basically it appears to be a 6 inch round base detailed as such based on various designs needed...stick some green stuff on your base press it into the basing pad antidy the edge. and you have neatly detailed bases.

Whist i appear to of missed out on their kickstarter. hopefully these will be available to purchase soon enough.

they have many many more too. i just chose a few that i liked. check them out. and when they are available...go buy 1..or 2 or 3 :)


In The Spotlight - avatars of war - Corrupters of the apocalypse

ok avatars of war...spotlights on what i think would be an excellent substitute if you want to really add some variation to your heroquest chaos warriors
web link

the sprue seems pretty nifty too, offering up plenty of variations. mainly looking like these are geared towards nurgle warriors but im sure a little imagination could flip things right over to create many different types.
price wise they seem like a really good option getting 24 minis in the pack, however we all know youll never need that many for heroquest. but at least youll have some cool new chaos warriors....and what you dont use. you can send me :)


Tuesday, 8 October 2013

my first try at sculpting a full miniature!

so i've kinda been training myself up of recent. little bits and bobs here and there. all the heroquest furniture, researching, watching and reading every tutorial i possibly could. because quite simply i want to learn to sculpt my own figures. for about a year now i have been trialling techniques and such. back and forth.
and in the last week i decided to finally bite the bullet and got for my first full sculpt.
now as i'm doing my best to create my own ultimate heroquest edition. it made sense i did the heroes too.

so please take a look at my first ever try. of course i'm happy with it or else i would'nt of posted it (but then i do like to post my failings too so other can learn like i have)
theres still a little tidying up to do. and the axe hand is only pinned and not fixed yet.

but ive tried lots of teqniques and i would say for my first 'animate' 'organic' whatever you want to call it pretty chuffed! :)

of course its my take on the heroquest dwarf. and i cant wait to paint it! yay!

In the spotlight! - Mierce miniatures

now from time to time I drift away onto other projects, get lost in the world of working too hard and balancing family life. and in those times I don't get chance to post much let alone be creating too much either. So in those times of limbo i've decided to do the odd post to show anything super cool i've found. so for my first spotlight post. ive decided to focus on Mierce miniatures. im a big fan of independent sculpt houses. the like of hasslefree miniatures as well as a cult fave of mine in heresy miniatures. I also love to support those too because quite frankly they create some great mini's. if you've never heard of Mierce miniatures, then they are a UK based company who specialise in fantasy ranges of figures.

check them out HERE

now what caught my eyes was this recent kickstarter of theirs

Gamla Bror, Vókkinak, Vaak!

of which one of the most amazing looking dragons i have ever seen really stole my attention.
unfortunately i'd missed the kickstarter date!! boooo!!

but check out a few of these.

some great stuff right? and great stuff comes at a price. now as much as i love these. and that dragon for me is a must have. they arent the cheapest. some of the standard human sized figures come in at arouns £9 to £11 which is about the same price range as games workshops single figures.
so if your happy paying that. then go support and stock up on some dungeon denizens! :)
but you cant deny these are of great quality.