Thursday, 2 January 2014

HEROCLIX- a trip to the loft

ok its clear from my last post that im on a little bit of a superhero kick at the moment. so today whilst i was putting all the Christmas decorations back up in the loft. i decided to grab my box of heroclix. dig out what i had started collecting way back in 2002 i think it was. i stopped though a few years back as the rules for this game just got a little bit out of hand. at first it was fun. me and the wife used to sit down and play against each other. i of course would always wipe the floor with her. but on the odd occasion she would catch me out and give me a whooping. by the time my eldest daughter was old enough though. this game had just gotten to way complicated. it was no longer a fun game. and the figures had become awful. there was some great hand sculpted figures in the sets. but they had become riddled with cg created nonsense. that once cast...were so so far behind on a quality level to how they were advertised. heres a little comparison picture i put together to show what i believe to be false advertising.

now i think that its pretty shocking that a company will show you the picture on the left...and when you buy get that on the right. im not against cg sculpting at all. however it needs to be done right. and the nasty habit i see of people showing the digital sculpt as advertisement when in most cases if done wrong it will change drastically. just like the image above. i think this is an atrocity. when i first saw a figure like the left...and then bought a pack.......saw what i actually got...i stopped buying them.
scale was all over the place and they were clearly taking a cheaper route when prices were inflating with each and every set. the first booster pack i bought cost me about 3 or 4 quid. and over the years it just seemed to go higher and higher. its ashame because i know some great sculptors like james van shaick still sculpts and makes some amazing creations. sadly for me. these get lost in the tripe and dont really get the love they deserve once cast up in the poor soft plastic they now use. I'm not sure how wrong i may be here..but i think they sit somewhere around the 10-11 pound mark now....for worse quality. the 'collecter' side of us wants to carry on. but i bit the bullet and stopped. the game was no longer fun and i wasn't even playing it anymore. so it was nice to take a little nostalgia trip and take a look at what i had blown my money on over the years. and boy was i surprised how much of these i have got.

just a word of warning.......i had 2 boxes...and only emptied 1 of the boxes. this below collection is probably about 2/3rds of what i have lol
Where's Wally/Waldo?
(sadly i couldnt put this picture on blogspot at full size. so the below pictures detail it all..but in chunks.)

and ontop of this...i stopped collecting about 6-8 sets there is a bucket load more. hehe. here's some up close pictures. keep your eyes open for a few 'unique' figures in there. if you are familiar with heroclix. then you may notice the odd 'unfamiliar' figure. i made a lot of custom figs back in the day (12 years ago eeek) of which i will post a seperate post when i get around to taking pictures of the customs i made.

would you believe me if i told not much of a collector? haha.
no not..................................
but there you go.. my first post of 2014. of note i dont post much. and as much as i want to have a new years resolution to post more. i just dont have the time to do so. but i will try to post lots of new goodness up throughout the year.

peace (dont worry ill come back to heroquest stuff soon :))