Saturday, 3 February 2018


It's been a long time since the heroes returned to the wretched dungeon which they fled from during their previous venture. who knows what has evolved since that time? maybe the heroes got busy going on a massive bender to drown their sorrows. maybe they got sidetracked on some other mission?

Actually nothing happened because i haven't touched the game. i have however painted a few of the figures
the Knight Castellant had been and had his armour polished and his cloak re-dyed.

Additionally it seems some of the bad guys had time for a grooming whilst sitting around for so long waiting for the foolish heroes to step foot back into their realm.

a few other things have occurred since the heroes last took trek down those dark stairs!
the gamesmaster no longer has to flick through the pages of a book to look after his/her babies thanks to a little pack i picked up a few weeks ago!

This is something i pretty much screamed about when the game first came out. and now im so glad this exists not only will it allow people to add much more bad guys into the game but i feel and hope it will give a little extra support which will assist others in making quests or campaigns of their own.

In addition to this White dwarf has started to give us some warhammer quest goodies
December issue gave us
New quest - Raze the temple of slaughter
  • This quest is attainable via one of the 3 new locations you can visit in Cinderfall and is a nice way to introduce 'bounty' styled quests to help vary the ongoing stated the plan is for a total of the 'bounties' each upcoming in the future months within White Dwarf
  • another of those new locations give the heroes the ability to hire from a motley crew of layabout down on their luck adventurers to assist them in their adventures as well as providing 2 new hero cards for a Freeguild General and a Gunmaster. the rules are for 5 different mercenaries. the other 3 come from the app or hero cards that are currently on sale. but i see no reason why you couldnt randomize this with 5 other heroes you already own. the slight ruling of 'if you do not own the miniature then those mercenaries are not available' can quite easily be ignored. regardless its a cool addition that belongs in every dungeon crawler

12 new cards

  • 4 skill cards to plug straight into the game
  • 2 treasure cards top plug straight into your deck
  • 4 quest specific treasure cards
  • and achievement card
  • new Cinderfall location card to include the extra 3 locations

pretty sweet!

January issue featured a new singular quest called -
Scour the verminlair 

  • which gives us our first official chance to make use of all of those skaven i've been painting in conjuction with the new adversary cards...really looking forwards to this one!

there isn't any other new rules here in this issue but who cares.
in the past few months since the heroes last took the dive into the dungeon a few new buildings have been erected
they can now hire help
and they can now go on new missions too!

so with the last few months covered it was time for the heroes to dust off their weapons and go back to The Vile Dungeon they were driven away from with fear. back in part 3
after fight waves of blight kings (seriously how many kings to these chaos folk need??) the heroes fled from fear of being swamped once again. after finally plucking up their courage it was time to venture onwards....For Revenge!!

as the heroes warily stepped forwards a faint recollection came back to the battles that had taken place there a few months ago. they knew where they had already ventured and decided to take a different path. luckily for once each phase the heroes got lucky with no ambushes heading their way. maybe the villains had completely forgotten about them?
but it was time to press on past the dried up blood soaked floors into unexplored territory.
upon opening the the first portal once more the heroes were faced with even more blight kings
3 this time all lined up awaiting in a slime covered room.
the Heroes had learnt from their previous venture that if there is one carrying a giant bell or a standard bearer that they should dispose of them sharpishly. luck may have it. that door was popped open by a rather hungry and grudge filled dwarf who also happened to have just rolled 3 6's!! yup grudge raking time!!
taking out both the bell king and bearer whilst also sinking a few shells into the final remaining badguy, the castellant was able to sweep in and finish him off finally pushing him onto his 2nd skill level! yay!

the way forwards from here showed us a staircase that led both up and down. the air with thick with flies and stench but the heroes knew they had unfinished business here and ventured back from where they had came to continue their exploration.
More blightkings led to more blight kings. the heroes carved their way through until reach the final room.
adorned in slime, the air fettid and foul as swarms of flies rasped around the heroes stood an altar of nurgle. and yup 3 more blightkings!
the heroes rushed in for the kill. managing to cut down one of the foes and dealing some minor damage to the remaining 2. along came more blight kings. the heroes were starting to take wounds.
the castellant seemed to be the only one standing tall at this point as his armour shrugged off blow after blow whilst the Fleetmaster and Loremaster were both whittled down to 1 dice roll each. the cogsmith was managing to stay unscathed whilst doing minor damage. finally the castellant once more stepped up killing off 2 of the blight kings whilst the weakened pairing of elves killed off another. finally the heroes crowded around the last remaining blightking beating him to a pulp.
the dust settled and the heroes knew they had to destroy the alter before any more foul chaos worship could ensue.

upon destroying the altar a foul noxious gas was let loose which had set into the castellant who was now stuck with a grevious wound that would require special healing from a priest.
the heroes had fought back the waves of blight kings and all seemed to be well. the heroes rushed out of the dungeon with little stop them and headed back up to Cinderfall feeling triumphant!!

we had already plugged in the new skill and treasure cards and it was time to visit the newly opened establishments of the city.

Unfortunately the wounds suffered by the fleetmaster were far to serious to go walking around the ciy. the heroes sent him to the doctor who made sure bed rest was needed for the duration oof their stay. so he would not be taking part in the grand tour!

firstly the fleetmaster decided to take part in Conrads Contest of considerable challenge. and was able to pick up a a new skill for his feats, but sadly suffering a grievous wound which he would be taking with him on his next mission.

the cogsmith decided to go gambling...and lost heavily but clearly didnt care he was celebrating his revenge on the nurgle scum and didnt care if he lost or not.

finally the castellant knew he had to find a cure for the insufferable decease cast upon him. and decided to visit the priest. who'm the heroes had saved a few adventure ago. and he swiftly healed the castellant for free as repayment, having done so with such speed the gold clad warrior now was able to swagger his way elsewhere where he took a walk towards one of the new locations
Raven Bridge Bastille. upon hearing about 2 bounties available to the heroes. he spoke with the rest of the team. It was time to take on a bounty
it was time to Raze the temple of slaughter!

So it was a fun time coming back into the game after a few month away. all the new goodies at hand. newly painted figures gave us all a sense of adventure that had to be quenched. a revenge that needed to be completed.
we did both and whilst setting ourselves up for taking on one of the new quests at hand

In this quest there was nothing new really to be discovered. other than blight kings are proper tough SOB's
the fleetmaster and loremaster did very little as the castellant finally stepped upto the plate showing his metal.
the cogsmith as always kept his distance using that grudge raker to massive effect once more!

so next part. we will be taking on one of the new side quests. so really looking forwards to that. we decided on the december quest because we figured we would already have the figures at hand. we have also decided to use this as a way of switching up players. the side quests being a perfect interval for a player to try their hand at being the GM.
so down steps the wife as GM. and up steps my eldest daughter. who happens to have an extremely sinister streak to her. so its sure to be a challenge!

Stay tuned for part 5



utilising the same method as previous for painting up this guy i decided to give the same methods a whirl on a model that has been sitting in my pile for a while.

when i tend to buy all my paint via mail order i normally chuck a random miniature in there for good measure...of course I've been painting up Skaven for a while now. so seems perfect I drop a character into the mix. not much to add to this but i wanted to try the whole thin washes approach again. going for a grimy approach to this character as it clearly fits the theme. and also helping to me grow with this painting style.

this model itself must be a cast off from the finecast days because the detailing on it is just crazy, making it very paintable indeed. however I'm trialling new techniques. so fully expect a little hit and miss.

first up the obligatory cinematic shot!

now these finecast models are so detailed it actually makes them hard to paint in a certain sense. there are little details i just couldn't see with the human eye and it wasn't until i actually took these pictures that the cracks started to show. but again. trial and error right?

also another thing i've come to realise...i am due a new camera. this one has served me well over the last few years but I'm starting to notice the odd pixel is damaged here or there and the photos dont seem to come out as crisp as they used perfect excuse for me to start looking for a new one.

so this new way of painting. seems to be quick...much quicker. i still need to work on my accuracy on this front as i can see some of the very deep recesses haven't had much paint hit them. but this model took me about 3 hours to paint..and its a character model that I've also applied a lot of freehand to. so hoping to put this into practice soon enough to help me get around me unit painting woes!

anyways hope you like the new cinematic photo too as i did a little more on that one as opposed to normal.
oh and a nice shiny new banner too! :)