Thursday, 27 August 2015

Doors galore

so things for my dungeon are starting to close in. having recently completed my new 30mm AHQ board sections (will post about these soon i promise)
1 thing that was severely lacking and also a reason i wasnt posting anything on my new dungeon tiles was the fact i had no doors to throw down and show everything in its full glory.

well thanks to Zealot miniatures, i do now!!

totally at 8 closed, 12 open and 2 portcullis' hopefuly now ill have enough to run a full dungeon
i have some great ideas for these. doors dont have to be just doors. these great sculpts will lend themselves perfectly to the ideas i have. so hopefully in the upcoming weeks i can start to show some of the completed ones.
i cant wait to get started on these. so just thought i'd put a few pics up of the before pics. that will hopefully compliment the after shows that will follow :)

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Minotaur lord

so whilst ive been soldiering through the rather bland 'units' side of my dungeon i also decided to dig out my massive mountain of lead from days of old. its actually ridiculous how much stuff i have, how much stuff ive lost. and how much stuff i didnt even know i had.
WH40k...never played it...but somehow got loads of it...soon to be making ebay appearances i think.
same goes for bloodbowl. i have the 3rd edition and loads of bloodbowl minis...guess what..never played it..never going to. so these will also be making ebay appearances soon. seriously id crazy how much junk i have that i need to get rid of and even more crazy how much has gone walkies over the 20 odd years. space hulk..perfect condition. played lots...Vanished!! im still baffled.

anyways that aside i am an oldhammer at heart. there is something i really love about the old mini's its like each miniature was made from the heart, with no intention of it ever ending up on a sprue. and even less consideration that it would ever be duplicated and sold to the masses. this for me is why older minis just seem to ooze so much more character. now im not in anyway going to slate the newer plastic sprue stuff GW churns out.because for the best part. they are pretty f*&^~n amazing. but it must just be a whole different mindset of creating back then. maybe made for love more than money. but some of my fave minis of all time circulate from around 1987 to about 1992/3 ish.

and this one to say the least was a huge fave of mine. the minotaurs GW offers these days look more like kangaroos on steroids. where as back then they looked feral and menacing and could quite literally eat the new ones for breakfast. especially this dude

DoomBellow Minotaur Lord
and i've got to say. it was a blast from the past painting him up. having not painted a lead mini of this size for a long time. ive got so say how much harder i found it to keep him balanced whilst painting and the sheer weight causing the paint to rub off during painting. that said though. absolute joy to paint! something i really enjoyed doing that helped distract me from the laborious task of unit painting on the skaven.
again on the weight of this thing. really does make me think how lucky we are with the whole plastic/resin mini's we have today. i used to much prefer to feel the weight of a mini whilst painting. like you were painting something worthwhile. plastic lacks that. but i have to admit. the lack of weight certainly has much more benefits. if i dropped this guy. then there is a good chance that he is going to be taking a pretty hefty chip out of the paintwork. plastic minis just no chance of any chips occuring.
as if getting through a maze wasnt bad enough, that at the end of it you come face to face with this guy!!

all in all i really loved painting this beastie up. and will hopefully be delving deeper into my lead mountain to cook up a few more beasties for my dungeons.
as well as sifting through and getting rid of all the 40k, bloodbowl, 40k epic stuff i seem to of gathered up over the years.

2 posts in 1 day..go me!!


so i havent blogged too much recently. havent really had the time. so my infrequency to post things is purely based on me having free hobby time. ive made a ruck load of graphics, tiles, speelbooks for AHQ this year so will be posting these up shortly.

but my job at hand is fleshing out my bestiary. whilst most recent posts have followed along the lines of skaven, this post is no different, with 1 exception.
yup. too many things to paint with very little time to do so.
i also have to state. whilst skaven are great creatures. they arent particularly inspiring to paint. so having a mountian of figures to paint can be daunting. so i went for the very basic method of base colours and washes for a average table top standard

so here they are
whilst they would probably only get a 4 or a 5 on CMON. it doesnt really matter. what does matter is that i now have 15 clanrats ready to drop into my dungeon

so far ive got the skaven slaves.
rat ogres
and these boys.

so my decision to go basic painting on the basic models should hopefully pay off. and later on when i start doing characters and the more 'special' ones. i can apply a better paint job to those to help them stand out on the table.
so there we have it. one of my very rare blog posts..
sometimes i wonder if i just post to myself on here. i never get much feedback on things and whenever i try to kickstart a discussion i get no responses. maybe this leads to the infrequency of my posts i dont know. but be sure of one thing..ill still be posting what i create. even if it does pan out more as a personal library

see you in 6 months lol