Tuesday, 20 March 2018

The Warhammer Quest........... Quest...

so with the recent HIT at the table in  Warhammer Quest Shadows over Hammerhal....we still want more Quest!!

the recent 3 white dwarf quests have given us a little more, and whilst we still haven't completed all of the available material..we aren't far off. we are yearning for a campaign, a way to grow our characters. whilst hammerhal offers a great experience. that experience is almost over. and we have no idea if games workshop have any plans to release a role-play book or any way to expand officially upon the new WHQ

so the answer is..........
Warhammer quest 1995. however in true 'me' fashion. I refuse to pay the over the odds prices for a game that i will just end up replacing a huge amount of the part anyway. But still i want it!!

so what do I do?
having read a few posts on this fab blog and seemingly being inspired to even steal the same blog post title!

i decide to make my own of course!!
so here's the plan.........

the box set contains the following

32 Page Rule Book  - have a copy
16 Page Adventure Book  - have a copy
192 Page Role-play Book  - have a copy
1 How to Play sheet  - need to find this

50 Page Adventure Record Pad - surely can just print this as and when?

89 Playing Cards - make my own and print via a card printing service. any recommendations?
19 Event Cards - make my own
23 Dungeon Cards - make my own
30 Treasure Cards - already made these

17 Blank Event Cards dont really need these. can add as per above when i see fit.
15 Spell Cards - make my own

4 Warrior Cards - make my own
4 Battle-level Cards - make my own
4 Equipment Cards - make my own
4 Warrior Counters - make my own

23 Floorplans & Pieces - make my own..already made 1 of them. but may well just print originals for now
6 Dungeon Rooms
5 Objective Rooms
7 Corridors
1 Steps
3 T-junctions
1 Corner

48 Markers & Counters - make my own
1 Portcullis Marker - already got zealot doors and portcullis don't think i need this??

1 Cave-in Marker - make my own
3 Pit of Despair Markers - make my own
6 Webbed Counters - make my own
15 Power Tokens - make my own
10 Luck Counters - make my own
18 Scenery Markers - what are these???

91 Citadel miniatures
4 Warrior models - proxy already have lots of suitable minis to choose from but may well stick with these guys
(Barbarian, Dwarf, Elf & Wizard)

6 Orc Warrior models - Proxy from GW orks/orruks or whatever they call them these days
6 Orc Archer models - Proxy same as above

6 Goblin Spearmen models - already have a massive box of goblins sprues. i can most likely throw these together with ease!
6 Night Goblin Archer models - already own from the base set..no idea where they came from!

12 Skaven models - got hundreds of skaven already

3 Minotaur models - have a Minotaur I sculpted a while ago which i intend on casting up

12 Giant Spider models - Proxy. need to find some good options here. advice welcome

12 Giant Bat models - Proxy need to find some good options here. advice welcome

12 Giant Rat models - already have suitable proxies here

12 Snotling models - already have proxies here

10 Dungeon Doorways - got plenty of suitable doors here

18 Dice - just dice!!..grab from anywhere
6 Large Dice (white)
12 Small Dice (red)

so when i put out what i already have..I've actually got a bit of a head start already from my other dungeon ventures.
-the miniatures i'm not that far away from having all!
-the biggest task for me is the cards, tiles and token i believe.
-but I'm pretty handy with Photoshop and don't think there is anything here i couldn't create from scratch having already started this project with a tester of making the treasure deck. this was pretty easy to churn out. so the rest should be pretty easy.
the rest ill figure out as i'm going. after all what good is a quest if you know what is around the corner already? :)
if anyone has any handy advice that may assist me this would be greatly appreciated :)
like -

Am i mental?
most likely. but its gonna be a fun project regardless.

Will I be pissed when I've wrapped up the project and hate the game?
hope not. because ill have a few more expansions and things to add to what i already have.
so here's hoping...

onto the quest we go!

Small Dice (red)

Saturday, 3 February 2018


It's been a long time since the heroes returned to the wretched dungeon which they fled from during their previous venture. who knows what has evolved since that time? maybe the heroes got busy going on a massive bender to drown their sorrows. maybe they got sidetracked on some other mission?

Actually nothing happened because i haven't touched the game. i have however painted a few of the figures
the Knight Castellant had been and had his armour polished and his cloak re-dyed.

Additionally it seems some of the bad guys had time for a grooming whilst sitting around for so long waiting for the foolish heroes to step foot back into their realm.

a few other things have occurred since the heroes last took trek down those dark stairs!
the gamesmaster no longer has to flick through the pages of a book to look after his/her babies thanks to a little pack i picked up a few weeks ago!

This is something i pretty much screamed about when the game first came out. and now im so glad this exists not only will it allow people to add much more bad guys into the game but i feel and hope it will give a little extra support which will assist others in making quests or campaigns of their own.

In addition to this White dwarf has started to give us some warhammer quest goodies
December issue gave us
New quest - Raze the temple of slaughter
  • This quest is attainable via one of the 3 new locations you can visit in Cinderfall and is a nice way to introduce 'bounty' styled quests to help vary the ongoing campaign.as stated the plan is for a total of the 'bounties' each upcoming in the future months within White Dwarf
  • another of those new locations give the heroes the ability to hire from a motley crew of layabout down on their luck adventurers to assist them in their adventures as well as providing 2 new hero cards for a Freeguild General and a Gunmaster. the rules are for 5 different mercenaries. the other 3 come from the app or hero cards that are currently on sale. but i see no reason why you couldnt randomize this with 5 other heroes you already own. the slight ruling of 'if you do not own the miniature then those mercenaries are not available' can quite easily be ignored. regardless its a cool addition that belongs in every dungeon crawler

12 new cards

  • 4 skill cards to plug straight into the game
  • 2 treasure cards top plug straight into your deck
  • 4 quest specific treasure cards
  • and achievement card
  • new Cinderfall location card to include the extra 3 locations

pretty sweet!

January issue featured a new singular quest called -
Scour the verminlair 

  • which gives us our first official chance to make use of all of those skaven i've been painting in conjuction with the new adversary cards...really looking forwards to this one!

there isn't any other new rules here in this issue but who cares.
in the past few months since the heroes last took the dive into the dungeon a few new buildings have been erected
they can now hire help
and they can now go on new missions too!

so with the last few months covered it was time for the heroes to dust off their weapons and go back to The Vile Dungeon they were driven away from with fear. back in part 3
after fight waves of blight kings (seriously how many kings to these chaos folk need??) the heroes fled from fear of being swamped once again. after finally plucking up their courage it was time to venture onwards....For Revenge!!

as the heroes warily stepped forwards a faint recollection came back to the battles that had taken place there a few months ago. they knew where they had already ventured and decided to take a different path. luckily for once each phase the heroes got lucky with no ambushes heading their way. maybe the villains had completely forgotten about them?
but it was time to press on past the dried up blood soaked floors into unexplored territory.
upon opening the the first portal once more the heroes were faced with even more blight kings
3 this time all lined up awaiting in a slime covered room.
the Heroes had learnt from their previous venture that if there is one carrying a giant bell or a standard bearer that they should dispose of them sharpishly.
And..as luck may have it. that door was popped open by a rather hungry and grudge filled dwarf who also happened to have just rolled 3 6's!! yup grudge raking time!!
taking out both the bell king and bearer whilst also sinking a few shells into the final remaining badguy, the castellant was able to sweep in and finish him off finally pushing him onto his 2nd skill level! yay!

the way forwards from here showed us a staircase that led both up and down. the air with thick with flies and stench but the heroes knew they had unfinished business here and ventured back from where they had came to continue their exploration.
More blightkings led to more blight kings. the heroes carved their way through until reach the final room.
adorned in slime, the air fettid and foul as swarms of flies rasped around the heroes stood an altar of nurgle. and yup 3 more blightkings!
the heroes rushed in for the kill. managing to cut down one of the foes and dealing some minor damage to the remaining 2. along came more blight kings. the heroes were starting to take wounds.
the castellant seemed to be the only one standing tall at this point as his armour shrugged off blow after blow whilst the Fleetmaster and Loremaster were both whittled down to 1 dice roll each. the cogsmith was managing to stay unscathed whilst doing minor damage. finally the castellant once more stepped up killing off 2 of the blight kings whilst the weakened pairing of elves killed off another. finally the heroes crowded around the last remaining blightking beating him to a pulp.
the dust settled and the heroes knew they had to destroy the alter before any more foul chaos worship could ensue.

upon destroying the altar a foul noxious gas was let loose which had set into the castellant who was now stuck with a grevious wound that would require special healing from a priest.
the heroes had fought back the waves of blight kings and all seemed to be well. the heroes rushed out of the dungeon with little stop them and headed back up to Cinderfall feeling triumphant!!

we had already plugged in the new skill and treasure cards and it was time to visit the newly opened establishments of the city.

Unfortunately the wounds suffered by the fleetmaster were far to serious to go walking around the ciy. the heroes sent him to the doctor who made sure bed rest was needed for the duration oof their stay. so he would not be taking part in the grand tour!

firstly the fleetmaster decided to take part in Conrads Contest of considerable challenge. and was able to pick up a a new skill for his feats, but sadly suffering a grievous wound which he would be taking with him on his next mission.

the cogsmith decided to go gambling...and lost heavily but clearly didnt care he was celebrating his revenge on the nurgle scum and didnt care if he lost or not.

finally the castellant knew he had to find a cure for the insufferable decease cast upon him. and decided to visit the priest. who'm the heroes had saved a few adventure ago. and he swiftly healed the castellant for free as repayment, having done so with such speed the gold clad warrior now was able to swagger his way elsewhere where he took a walk towards one of the new locations
Raven Bridge Bastille. upon hearing about 2 bounties available to the heroes. he spoke with the rest of the team. It was time to take on a bounty
it was time to Raze the temple of slaughter!

So it was a fun time coming back into the game after a few month away. all the new goodies at hand. newly painted figures gave us all a sense of adventure that had to be quenched. a revenge that needed to be completed.
we did both and whilst setting ourselves up for taking on one of the new quests at hand

In this quest there was nothing new really to be discovered. other than blight kings are proper tough SOB's
the fleetmaster and loremaster did very little as the castellant finally stepped upto the plate showing his metal.
the cogsmith as always kept his distance using that grudge raker to massive effect once more!

so next part. we will be taking on one of the new side quests. so really looking forwards to that. we decided on the december quest because we figured we would already have the figures at hand. we have also decided to use this as a way of switching up players. the side quests being a perfect interval for a player to try their hand at being the GM.
so down steps the wife as GM. and up steps my eldest daughter. who happens to have an extremely sinister streak to her. so its sure to be a challenge!

Stay tuned for part 5



utilising the same method as previous for painting up this guy i decided to give the same methods a whirl on a model that has been sitting in my pile for a while.

when i tend to buy all my paint via mail order i normally chuck a random miniature in there for good measure...of course I've been painting up Skaven for a while now. so seems perfect I drop a character into the mix. not much to add to this but i wanted to try the whole thin washes approach again. going for a grimy approach to this character as it clearly fits the theme. and also helping to me grow with this painting style.

this model itself must be a cast off from the finecast days because the detailing on it is just crazy, making it very paintable indeed. however I'm trialling new techniques. so fully expect a little hit and miss.

first up the obligatory cinematic shot!

now these finecast models are so detailed it actually makes them hard to paint in a certain sense. there are little details i just couldn't see with the human eye and it wasn't until i actually took these pictures that the cracks started to show. but again. trial and error right?

also another thing i've come to realise...i am due a new camera. this one has served me well over the last few years but I'm starting to notice the odd pixel is damaged here or there and the photos dont seem to come out as crisp as they used to...so perfect excuse for me to start looking for a new one.

so this new way of painting. seems to be quick...much quicker. i still need to work on my accuracy on this front as i can see some of the very deep recesses haven't had much paint hit them. but this model took me about 3 hours to paint..and its a character model that I've also applied a lot of freehand to. so hoping to put this into practice soon enough to help me get around me unit painting woes!

anyways hope you like the new cinematic photo too as i did a little more on that one as opposed to normal.
oh and a nice shiny new banner too! :)

Saturday, 28 October 2017


Sunday 23rd July
No session today but i did finish off the Cogsmith

I wonder how he's supposed to go for a shit in that outfit?? I imagine him very clunky in his approach to everything. Smashing into doors and wondering why the hell he chose that novelty backpack!

Saturday 5th August
week off work so can see me getting a few things done on the game and maybe some more sessions to.
today we started on session 4 of which took us down to the 3rd level of the dungeon.
we had just gained our first level of experience, meaning now we could all have 2 skill cards instead of 1.

The one thing we noticed here is that there were a few surprises in store for us and we got to see a little more scope of what the GM can do. carefully wording some of the descriptions can be misleading or not. its down to the GM how they wish to weave the tale. a raise of an eyebrow or careful emphasis on certain words can lead more towards the mystery and help build up some tension when choosing your paths and adventuring further into the dungeon.
My wife has has only ever been 'the bad guy' in our most recent run through of Descent. so even herself would say that she is not an experienced GM. but she is really coming into her own and enjoying the experience with this game.

Additionally we were hit by a rather interesting room. up until this point the Cogsmith hadn't ever really come into his own. a couple of grudge rakings and discovering how inconsistent of a weapon it can be.. but also potentially lethal and here is where we saw the lethal damage it could do.
we were faced by a total of 10 enemies that caught us off guard. we werent expecting it.

firstly my Lord Castellant moved in picking up only his second kill. on this level.
next up the Fleetmaster shifting in picking off another.
the loremaster as usual fleeted in picking off the champion. and dropping a treasure found earlier that would prevent enemies from moving into adjacent squares to the loremaster.

we aren't sure if we played this right or not. but we took it as any adversary has to move into a square to pass through it. so based on this.. it essentially blocked the remaining 7 bad guys into a corner only able to attack the fleetmaster. onto the adversary phase. because they were blocked in they only managed to get 1 hit on the fleetmaster and the bottleneck here meant they could not do anything else.. as i say we may of read the ruling incorrectly here but if we didn't. it was obviously a very shrewd move to create the bottle neck.

at this point is where the Cogsmith literally tore the rest to shreds. rolling 3 sixes meaning that he would have 3 chances to let rip on the unsuspecting fools!
and exactly that happened. the Cogsmith took down all 7 with those 3 sixes and still had a dice left.

after about 3 hours we had explored all of this level, uncovering 2 stairwells, fighting some more bad guys and another Indiana Jones style room and finding another stairwell. this is where we decided it was time to head back up to the city.

this time a grand fair was on which meant we could only visit a few locations.
the Castellant picked up a new treasure from the house of Venargo and cashed in remaining gold for 2 more renown
as did the cogsmith.
the loremaster headed over to the guild of thumaturgists and picked up another treasure.
and the fleetmaster just cashed in his paltry 1 gold for another renown.

so that was our session. taking another 3 hours so that's 3 levels cleared. 9 hours played. seemingly quashing my earlier estimation that it would only take 8 hours to get through the game

what did we learn this time?

  • scope of what the GM can do. i can see some real good story telling from this at some point. as we get further on in our quest the story evolves. and cant wait for future expansions or player made quests that build upon this some more.

  • behaviour rolls - we haven't really seen anything good from these just yet. out of nine hours played every behaviour roll has pretty much been..move and attack nearest hero. so the toss up between choosing the behaviour roll or not hasnt really yielded too much in favour of the GM apart from a roll where you can spawn a pink horror or D3 acolytes.

  • we also noticed on this level that it needs a component from silver tower. now whilst i have silver tower and this wasn't a problem. as a standalone expansion...its wrong to assume everyone had already bought silver tower. regardless it was only a blue portal. and we didn't have silver tower at hand, so we just used a standard doorway.

  • Indiana Jones!! - so we experienced our second Indiana Jones style 'grab the treasure' room. this time with a pit which you must get over as quick as possible before the treasure is gone. its a smash and grab scenario which could go either way. get the loot or suffer high damage.

  • ambushes - we got lucky on this level. only 1 ambush compared to the uncountable amount from the previous session. this level is a pretty big one too. so if we had of gotten more ambushes this could easily of been a 5 hour session.

  • Lord Castellant - still struggling to find his groove. I've also had a run of bad luck with him. i get 6s when there isn't many people around so i cant hit the full potential of his lantern and i think this is costing him on the renown wheel massively. whilst everyone has gone around 3 or 4 times. he is still on his second cycle.

  • Grudge Raker - with the right rolls this could take out a small army.

we really really enjoyed this session. it had plenty of action. plenty of kills thrills and the odd spill. the exploration of this level felt great and we all came out at the end wanting to play again. but alas tis late! so onto another day.

Tuesday 8th August

OK so today was a little something different. we are enjoying the game but are still a little concerned that because we are enjoying this game so much that by the time we finish we will most likely want more. yesterday i spent the entire day scanning the tiles and re scaling down to a A4 sheet style as well as creating a nice layout page with with a similar design and layout to that of the Hammerhal quest book. why? of course it's so I and others can make their own quests of course!

Thursday 10th August
we went to Warhammer World and i picked up some plague bearers from a rather disgruntled employee who huffed and grunted because i didn't buy more or any 40k stuff! but regardless ive added my first exotic adversaries!

Saturday 16th September
We have had a long break since the last session. but work has been immensely taxing and most of my spare time has been taken up by even more work or recuperating. luckily there was no ambushes waiting for me in that time.
i have completed the Fleetmaster

I have also done quiet a bit of painting on other projects and such within this time. getting a lot of paint work done on the castellant 80% complete. and the kairic acolytes.

but tonight we picked up  further plodding into the dungeon. as we moved down to the next level.
tonight was most definitely NOT our night. not even the freshly painted Fleetmaster or the nearly done Castellant could do anything to improve the luck here.

first turn we searched and found nothing, we are in a corridor with 3 exits.
firstly we get hit by an ambush which was evaded with the use of a treasure card.
next up the Cogsmith popped one of the doors open which forced us to miss the rest of the turn, waiting for us in this room were 2 Blightkings. the clumsy Cogsmith had gotten his novelty backpack wedged into the door frame and was easily taken out by the viscous Blightkings.
with the position being very much in the Blightkings favour the heroes decide to back off in an attempt to gain a tactical advantage.

another treasure card was used to bring the Cogsmith back into play but the bad luck struck again! an unexpected event bringing in 3 more Blightkings at the heroes rear.
completely penned in with a weakened team. the next hour was a complete slog where the heroes once more lost the Cogsmith and the Fleetmaster. spending lots of the gathered treasures thus far to finally see off the 5 Blightkings. this entire fight was our nights session. surrounded. stuck out of position in a tightly packed corridor. there wasn't enough room for any of the heroes to get into their best positions in order to try to pick off the Blightkings. the Cogsmith was pinned pretty much all of the time and never once got chance to pick up his guns. the Fleetmaster had very little chance to do anything only picking off a few wounds, which is ultimately why these guys had to take a fall.

as ALL of the blightkings were on the board they were getting all of the bonuses they gather from having all types available.whichmade them lethal. i think if the heroes had of been better positioned they might of fared better. but regardless they survived and made rather sharpish escape from the dungeon. walking away with only 5 renown picked up all by the Castellant and the Loremaster
1 treasure card and 2 gold.

the heroes were shaken so the city was their only escape.

along with this slugfest we had spent over an hour and half only uncovering 2 chambers. and most of that time was spent fighting. frustrations were high from this one never ever really finding any groove and had to simply grind our way to safety.

when up in the city a drunkard mistakes the Castellant again for another hero - this granted D3 renown. taking him up-to only needed one more to hit his 2nd skill, which is lucky because his kill count is the lowest in the team.

with the heroes only have 2 gold between them they decided to cash in for renown. again bad luck struck once again for both heroes trying to scrape some extra renown from a pretty poor venture and my Castellant was unable to get that much needed 2nd skill card.

so we wrapped up for the night all feeling rather disgruntled.
  • my daughter who is controlling both the Cogsmith and the Fleetmaster was in a particular bad mood at not really having much chance to do anything with the Cogmaster. because of the cramped conditions and being pinned into a corridor from each side he was never once able to hit his peak. his axe is very much a substitute with the dwarf. and with the quite poor damage and hard to hit was only able to deal about 2 or 3 wounds the entire mission. 
  • Fleetmaster also struggled with his fierce attacking skills being nerfed by bad luck and being surrounded. he can deal damage. but isn't great at taking it. this guy is the one that has fallen the most upto this point, relying heavily on the other heroes finishing the job. however as earlier described this guy is the poacher of the team. and quite often sweeps in and finishes off the badguys when the other guys have dealt the first blows.
  • Blightkings made it hard for us to take out the kings that were buffing the others. constantly getting healed and having extra move allowed them to pin the heroes down quicker. this made the entire venture very very tough. if you come face to face with all 5 of these beasties make sure you take down the dude with the bell and the dude with the standard as you will suffer from the buffs given by these guys.
  • oddly this time it was my Castellant that shone taking out the majority of the Blightkings between himself and the 'Loremistress' :) maybe everyone else having bad luck can pay off when you are shielded by 400 pounds of gold armour :)
so that was us on the 4th level of the dungeon. and didn't even manage to scrape the surface of this level. only 3 rooms revealed chalking up our playing time thus far to 12 hours ish

part 4 will take a little longer as i have pretty much caught upto where we are at now and i am also pretty steamed with work. having a ruck load of acolytes to finish and the castellant has been sitting around for a long time unfinished. but will have a new part coming up pretty soon.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017


week off work. - Check
Halloween is around the corner - Check
and I'm getting an itch to buy a new game and Zombicide has been in my sights for a long time. and whilst i am very much a late comer here i do my usual digging to see if its worth throwing my hard earned cash at. and like the previous and ongoing journey series i am doing on shadows over hammerhal. i hope to share all of my discoveries to bring you a somewhat /NOT review, but more an insight into it all of my concerns and discoveries as i proceed on my next journey.

There are a few reasons I have held off on buying this game

  • I already own a zombie game in Last night on earth
  • this game was and still continues top be a massive blockbuster on Kickstarter. but if it is so successful, why do they still need Kickstarter?
  • With all of the expansions and booster packs and what not i have no idea where to start!
  • is it worth it?

The reasons i want to buy this game!

  • Co-op 
we have an interesting dynamic in this house where each and everyone of us can be quite sinister when it comes to gaming. when playing last night on earth which isn't co-op. my eldest daughter is sheer ruthless. she even laughs when she takes out our characters in the most evil ways.
my wife is scheming as the dungeon master in shadows over Hammerhal. and even playing descent she has been known to bend the rules to uphold her sadistic approach to killing the heroes.
me myself. I'm a much more accommodating GM i will throw tips the players ways before taking them out in cut throat fashion and say "well i tried to help" Mwuhaha. 
Regardless we only own 1 other co-op game in silver tower. and that does'nt see the table much as we find it clunky without a GM. so we want another where we can team up.

  • loads of minis
I want to paint up and customise those zombies so they are all unique..nuff said!
they look pretty cool. and whilst I'm not keen on the whole mutated zombies. they still have a place on my table. 71 IN TOTAL!!!

  • art looks cool
I'm kind of liking the artwork. and the comic book approach. again something new to our table. also liking the pop culture references with all the characters having resemblances to movie characters..like Doug who is clearly Michael Douglas' character from falling down.

  • Zombie AI
I'm really intrigued to see how the zombie dynamic pans out. the use of sound tokens and generating sounds by smashing down doors or firing a gun seems like a really cool concept. and zombies and AI seem like the perfect mix. they are mindless. they walk and they eat the nearest thing they can find. so it seems like a perfect mixture that would lend to a co-op game.

  • Curiosity
i have my gripes but the sheer volume of popularity for this game has got me thinking. Am i missing out? the fact that this games expansions have been a record breaking kickstarter campaigns must be for a good reason right?. i want to know if it is all hype. plus i want another zombie game. and this seems like the popular option right now.

Concerns about the rules??

Whilst I like the idea of the zombie AI I also realise i know nothing about this game at all..have i been sapped into the glitz and hype already? So I do a bit of reading on the rules to find out more!

All rules can be downloaded at the official Zombicide website

Also the Zombicide wiki page was very helpful.

from my digging and researching I discover that other players also seem to have similar reservations. most notably regarding the rules themselves. 3 of the rules that stand out to me as odd choices

  • Ranged combat
The ruling for shooting guns and such appears to be a really weird choice thematically. this is a cooperative game. however the order for resolving shooting means you ALWAYS hit any friendly survivors before you hit any zombies. for me at this point i was pretty confused about this. WHY would you have to shoot your own people if they are in a crowded area or even just with 1 or 2 zombies? even shooting in the same area will give the same effect i get that it could be argued that a spray of bullets could hit anyone. but thematically this already breaks the game in my opinion and must purely only be in place to enforce more strategy.
  • Splitting
The zombies in this game are controlled by AI. meaning that they always move towards characters that can be seen. or they move towards the sound tokens generated by the survivors making excess noise. If there are 2 different routes that would cause a group of walkers to split up. that group essentially doubles in order to make sure an even split occurs....WHAT?? they just double??
not quite but not far off. its already feeling like some of the rules are geared towards you buying more mini's this game is clearly mini orientated. why else would you need 71 in the box? it also appears another rule is in place that reinforces that
  • Running out of zombies
so if you run out of a zombie type. all other zombies of that type on the board get an extra activation (move or attack) So that clearly looks like a fatal reason to run out of mini's. most of the zombies get to do an action again...that's double!! so you prevent that by going out and buying one the very handy booster sets to add even more zombies into the fray right?

Breaking down the barricades

so with all the info i have gathered i decide to dig and see if anyone could steer me towards my purchase. heading over to BGG i whacked up a post hoping to get some answers my question being "i own last night on earth, why should i buy zombicide?" which also proceeded with all of my gripes hoping to get some clearance to justify me buying it.

well clearly those gripes did get cleared up or else i would'nt of been writing this up now would I? :)

I own Last night on earth why do i want to buy another zombie game?

Zombicide is a full coop experience and the only thing it has in common with LNOE is "Zombies". LNOE portrays old school zombie movies and the typical situations that happen using the cards. In Zombicide cards are only for equipment and the game is basically a "Shoot'em up before they eat you".
Whenever I try to explain Zombicide to a newcomer I always ask them if they played the Left for dead videogame. Because the game feels very much like that.

I've seen many comparisons between the 2 games and LNOE does appear to come out as the better game overall. I'm not looking for better or worse, I am looking for something different

It is something really different, but I wouldn't go for better. Zombicide will appeal more to those who enjoy seeing a lot of figures on the board. LNOE is more about the theme. Mechanics are completely different.

No game is perfect but some of the rules mentioned seem like absolute stinkers

Indeed. Zombicide has some rules that are not for everyone, but they are easily changed if you don't like them. In fact, Zombicide's one of those unique games which every house plays the game different.Basically the 2 "controversial" rules are splitting and shooting. Shooting has been adressed in Black plague, so if you don't like the shooting rules in modern zombicide, use the black plague ones.The splitting rule states that whenever a zombie could move to two different areas, the zombie "splits" and moves to both. If you don't like this rule (I don't like it) basically ignore it and randomly choose where does de zombie move using the dice.

What sort of value would i expect from scenario to scenario?

There are different types of scenarios, but all of them involve killing hordes of zombies. I can say I got different experiences when playing different scenarios though. I don't exactly recall scenario's names but the experience we felt when trying to reach the escape point without killing too many zombies was totally different from resisting while looking for food and water.

replay ability of a scenario?

Replayability in Zombicide comes from the people you play with. I'm gonna say that LNOE is better for replaying scenarios because of event cards and different tiles every time.Most of Zombicide's scenarios have a clear objective and whenever you know the best approach to them there is no point on trying new strategies to beat them. But Zombicide has LOTS and LOTS of scenarios. I would say more than 100 but maybe I'm mistaken. Have a look at their website or in BGG files.


You can find some "official" campaigns in Zombicide's website but they are nothing more than some scenarios meant to be played one after the other. I don't even know if something carries between them depending on your actions.
You can also find "fan-made" campaign modes in bgg files.
Still I would say the game was meant to be played as a one shot game. I would say you can play some type of campaign mode, but I would not buy the game thinking about it as an RPG experience. If you only buy the game with "campaign" expectations you'll be disappointed.

What order should i buy?

If you want modern Zombicide go for the original or season 3. In fact buy the game you like the most, you'll like them all. However, always use the most recent rulebook. That's season 3 atm.

Is this game like a big budget movie that people don't want to admit isn't that great because they have pumped their own hard earned cash into it?

The game was a birthday present for me, so I think I can answer this.After reading lots of mixed reviews I had low expectations and the game surprised me. It's fun to play and even non gamers love it. I'll also say that it's not the best game ever made. In fact both Dead of winter and LNOE are probably better "boardgames", but they are not as accessible and not as pretty. There is something appealing when you see lots and lots of zombie figures going after you and it's also satisfying when you throw a molotov and every single zombie in an area is killed.
It's a fun experience and everybody I played with liked it. Zombicide is all about the action and not on rules. I prefer more complex games, but I admit I had tons of fun with it, specially because it can be played with anybody.
People enjoy throwing dices and killing zombies. This game is just about throwing dices and killing zombies. Yeah, you have an objective, but you'll always be throwing dices and killing zombies in Zombicide. It's the core part of the game, no matter the scenario you're playing.

Is it a Cash Cow? 

as this is clearly a mini orientated game that throws more and more zombies your way. is it structured in a way that makes you need to keep spending more money? or could i buy 1 set and be happy I've got a game that will entertain us for the night?
Well Kaiede Farenheit you did help. massively! and for that reason I've put your answers directly here so that others can be helped in the same way. in fact i went and ordered the game right away for next day delivery. and right away prompted me to set up a second journey NOT review type thing

well that wraps up part 1
Part 2 will focus more on the rules, unboxing and first gaming session as well as my hopes and aspirations what i want to do with the game for myself.
hope you enjoyed