Wednesday, 18 May 2016


a couple of months back i managed to nab a few sprues of various skaven stuff for only a couple of quid. one of those sprues consisted of 5 plague monks and some giant rats
well i actually managed to do 6 plague monks because one of them is actually a pack master thingy.
that came on a sprue of 3 pack masters and some giant rats. so of course between the 2 sprues i was able to add to my skaven bestiary 3 times over. consisting of about 12 giant rats
6 plague monks and 2 pack masters. so not bad for a couple of quid.
now ive got a very minor gripe with the GW plague monks in that they all look like an old gypsy woman.
so i tried to minimalize this a little by sculpting the hoods to make them look like they were part of the robes and in turn make the heads look a little less 'stuck on'.
Anyways. im quite happy how these turned out really

now my skaven pack seems to be growing a little more. i think its about time i started adding a few characters into the fray.
i still have the rest of the island of blood skaven to paint up. as well as a few other characters ive purchased and not yet had chance to get painted up yet. im also considering trying my hand at a little converting. ive got so many skaven floating around im sure i can stretch them out even more. the poses of the clanrats are kind of hard to do much with. but im sure ill be able to cook something up.

till next time :)

Sunday, 8 May 2016


So i first caught wind of this some time at the tail end of last year, hearing a possible reworking of warhammer quest was in the work. assuming very much that this would be similar to the recent space hulk release.
Now with it being a dungeon crawler. It clearly peaked my interest.
Now let it be known. i care absolute zero about age of sigmar. those big gold dudes, the awful semi naked dwarfs that are on fire (sorry fyre) and have a very strong fondness for the old world and all of its fluff. so was. and still am very dubious about this new announcement from games workshop

very much like heroquest i suspect thsi will be the main box art, now whilst trying to ignore the boring dude in the gold armour with zero personality. its the actual bad guys that caught my eye here...lets face it. we all have our own characters we prefer to use in these sort of games anyways right?
Tzeentch being the main culprit to the antagonism here. but the art...yeah looks great i think

so i dug a little deeper

- Price up to 125 € 

- 13 double-sided base plates (the old WHQ had with extensions 28) 

- 51 models, including six heroes and Skaven and Tzeentch 

- Familiars

- Rulebook 

- 40-page scenario book (9 missions) 

- 2 to 4 players 

- the old cards for each room are back (the ones used for random dungeon design + Encounter- and special rules) 

- the Summoner can manipulate the space arrangement

So its going to cost bout 100 quid
  • 13 double sided base plates? which im assuming are dungeon tiles...
  • 51 models? now were talking!
  • familiars? sounds cool. a dynamic thats been missing from many a dungeon crawl if you exclude henchmen
  • 9 missions....hmmm not much here. lets hope fan made and white dwarf/further expansions offer a lot more here.
  • 2-4 players- so no change on the old warhammer quest..this wont be a dungeon master based game.
  • the old cards are back? does this mean old stuff is compatible?
  • the summoner can manipulate the space arrangement...ok this only sounds scenario specific. ie the silver tower being a maze etc etc
ok then so far...not sounding too bad i dont think.
a little tinterweb scouring flushed out a few leaked images.
firstly the heroes.
The barbarian looks pretty cool. as well as that little familiar down there. im not really overawed by the heroes. but as i say. id always replace and choose my own anyways. i really have zero love for those space marine things to the point i cant even think what they are called right now. it feels to me that literally everything AOS represents a top level god like world of warcraft character. and ive always been much more fond of 'the little guy' the humble farmer who went of in search of adventure, you get what i mean right? AOS just doesnt cater for the little guy. so i will definately be filtering my own heroes.

gotta admit..that sorceror looks pretty mint. as do the familiars. little mr punch there reminding me of one of my fave figs of all time.

whilst not a very clear picture. you at least get some insight into the box contents here. looks like a good amount in there.
and finally a little bit of a closer look to some of the contents.
really liking those birdmen styled beastmen Tzaangors i think it reads.
also liking that skaven deathrunner as well as the acolytes.

for me its the Tzeentch love being thrown at this game. its cleary being used as a platform to push the Tzeentch chaos forces into the fray. for the last 2 years its all been nurgle and khorne. so nice to see one of the other chaos gods children getting a run out for once, this may also be a taster of the new skaven that have been rumoured to be on their way soon too also.

whilst i never really got into the whole warhammer quest thing (i was too busy being a teenager, getting drunk, girls etc etc lol) i might just see what all the fuss was about and take a dive into this one.

i never for once expected to be let down by the minis, say what you want about GW but their production is always top quality. and whilst all of my dungeon crawling mainly persists of the use of a dungeon master. maybe its worth mixing it up a little for a more coop game where im not stuck being the evil overlord and killing all of my family and friends lol

anyways im sure over the next week even more images will come flooding out..amazing how this stuff ALWAYS leaks!!
till next time