Sunday, 26 June 2016


finally got some of the bad guys locked down and done for silver tower. ive never really painted anything Tzeentch themed before so when i first saw all of the bad guys for silver tower it looked like a nice challenge to step away from the drab earthy colours i normally use and go grab a few new paints and try something completely new. the pink horrors really embody that. having never really ever even using a pink paint i set about getting these 2 bad guys done because i really enjoy the sculpts. and in using lots of new colours will help me expand to new areas
i imagine these being very fitting demons from some 80s horror flick. maybe thats where they were influenced by i dunno.
but i enjoyed painting them up regardless

you will notice again ive gone for the sculpted base look..well i wont be doing it on any more of the adversaries. these 2 bases just so happened to be part of my first test for a base. and seemed like a waste to not use them.
not sure which i will paint next. ill be throwing out a basing tutorial and maybe use one of the heroes as my example. but so far really enjoying painting these.

Monday, 20 June 2016


ok so ive been a little quite recently....blame warhammer quest silver tower for that one.
just a quick little blog post here. whilst this game, its theme and all of its fluff are very different to the grimy old world i know and love. me and my family are really enjoying this one.

the bad guys will no doubt get a run around in AHQ at some point. but for now im absorbing the game and its depths to see if it deserves a slot on my far its not doing bad. ill do a full on review of this later on. i dont feel ive covered every nook and cranny just yet to be able to give a really valid user perspective review

anyways i was testing out how i was going to do my bases. and of course i had to paint up a figure too.
so here he bloke!
i wanted to fo the heroes in a thematic base style so to really fit into the game.. yes i could of gone transparent base wise. but i made my choice and sculpted a base.

Friday, 10 June 2016

A try at dungeon tiles

whilst i dont really show off much interms of digital work on this blog. i have actually have a lot of experience under my belt as a texture artist and 3d modeller. its not something i tend to apply too much to this hobby of mine.
graphics these days is something i much prefer to do as a passion. and a way of flexing those creative juices. ive done a few things over at advanced heroquest reforged. the odd overlay and the templates and spellbooks. but never really for much direct creative purposes.

ive never actually delved into making dungeon tiles before so thought i would have a little go at creating a modular tiling photoshop document that i could essentially use to craft quick and easy dungeon tiles that still at least have some cosmetic clout to back them up.

so first of all i realised if i wanted to go the modular route i would need to produce something generic enough that would then be able to  be reused over and over with minimal effort but still be able have a varied look.

so i dug out my heroquest board first and copied a variance of the floor tiles.

these are all made in neutral grey so that a colour overlay can be added to the tile in order to then colour them any colour you want.
once i had enough variationi then created a layer that would enable me to draw cracks anywhere over the tiles and still get a pretty decent look to it.(see the top left tile)finally i applied some huge rocky mountainous images over the entire template with the layers set to 'overlay'. this would then allow each tile to have a varied look to them no matter how they were placed.and i could change these textures to ultimately create infinite rocky texturing to my tiles

so once i had my basis i thought "lets put this to the test" and make some high res copies of older tiles.
first up i decided to grab a AHQ tile. pretty bog standard in look. and apply this template in a hope to succesfully re-create (as well as adding a few more details just to spice them up a little)
so here the original

and heres the reboot (god i hate that term)

turned out pretty good i think for a first attempt. ok its not perfect. but i used this simple reconstruction to help refine my template. adding a border if i wash to create AHQ tiles. as well as a spotlight overlay to create that 'middle of the room' glow. this only uses 2 square variations. all flipped or rotated. the rocky overlays doing the rest of the work to make it all look different and nice and varied. the cracks layer works pretty decent as well. i decided to give it a very slight skaven theme on the middle tile as well as adding a straw next of sorts. this entire tile took me about 20 minutes in total to not bad

so next up i thought..lets try something a little more specific. so i nabbed a warhammer quest tile and once more put my template to the test

so heres the one i chose.

and my second recreation.
again this one turned out pretty good. once more refining my template a little. i got bored doing the skeleton and couldnt be bothered drawing him. after all this was more of an experiment than an actual production. again this only uses 2 squares. each flipped and rotated. and once more those mountain overlays doing pretty nifty work in giving a varied look.

so there we have it. a pretty successful experiment.
with me now having my hands on warhammer quest silver tower. that might give me further impetus to go into full creative mode. who knows. but at least ive got a tool now to create any dungeon i so wish. with relative ease.