Tuesday, 10 February 2015

2 more goblins

whilst pursuing further with my goblin/gnobblar mashups. i have 2 more to show here.
i really like how these guys are turning out. i wanted a more gritty earthy look to them as opposed to the more bright fluorescent colour schemes you see normally.
after all these are for a dungeon where its dark and NASTY!

 get back or i'll break yer legs!

you may of noticed these pictures are a little better than my previous FOLDIO attempts.
as such, ive finally decided to pack the foldio away. as i can get better results with my old lamp and a sheet of A4 paper. (i'll do a write up on why soon)

but yup so far we've got 4 new goblins ready for the dungeon. with another 12 on the way.
i really want to get these guys finished as im chomping at the bit to start working on skaven.
recent ventures with AHQ have gotten me want to further skaven bestiary for that. and having a ruck load of island of blood skaven sitting around is making me itch like a rat with fleas!

till next time

Sunday, 1 February 2015

first of the goblins

gnoblins actually. but mentioned in an earlier post from late last year
snotling everywhere
here is the first of my goblins, both being mash ups of gnoblin heads and goblin regiment bodies.
for me they kind of embody the look i feel a goblin should have as opposed to the look that GW now give them
now these may look a little washed out. and if anybody used any sort of anti shine matt varnish. you will know sprays and cold weather just do not mix well. so i went out and bought this paint on anti shine
which turned out to be total and utter crap. only instructions that came with it were "SHAKE WELL!"
well i shook it all night long. and even still after drying. it was making my models shinier than they first started out. so ultimately i had to go back to the spray and bring it into the house where it was warmer. much to the wifes dismay...but i actually like the scent that sprays give off and it gives me a nice whirly headed feel too lol.
so the models you are looking at above...actually have about 10 coats of anti shine on them...eek
but i managed to save them regardless....and the rest is history :)

more to come soon