Tuesday, 8 August 2017

WHQ Shadows Over Hammerhal map making kit

so me and the family have been playing this a few weeks now and are thoroughly enjoying it. i very much see this as a natural successor to Heroquest as opposed to WHQ.

Regardless ive made a map making kit.
so anyone that owns this game will know it was needed. it just so happens to be the case i was the first to do it lol.

you can nab the download here

Please note this is for photoshop users only although there is a plugin for paint.net users that will allow you to open PSD files
shadows over hammerhal custom
as you can see i've made a replication of the entire quest book so that players can now create their own quests and campaigns

feel free to share this link or any of your creations if you do dive in and make any quests.