Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Rat Ogres

something a little different now. whilst a lot of my stuff is mainly heroquest. i do tend to play a lot of advanced heroquest too. and another part of my own special heroquest is to basically have everything for both games..including fleshing out the bestiary for advanced heroquest. whilst most of the figures from heroquest can crossover to advanced heroquest. there as still some that i will be adding over time. so here is my first advanced heroquest only additions.
these are from one of the warhammer boxed sets i believe. cant remember which. however i do know i managed to pick up every single skanved from that box for 20 quid. of which the rates GW charges these days, these figures would cost 20 quid on their own.
these are so much better than the singular rat ogres they sell. brutish. warped, completely out of proportion. i love em!
this one is my favourite. got a hulking menace about him.
this one has more of a mutant chronicles sort of look about him. the grafted on weaponry and such. frankenrat!!

and finally ....got to have an action shot :)

Monday, 11 November 2013

Nostalgia trip

now this post isnt about greenstuff lumped together or paint slapped onto a figure or even me slating those damn awful descent mini's (oops there i go again)
This is something a little more closer to my heart. bygone days and a trip down memory lane. on some of my memories as a rowdy kid and how i started playing heroquest way way back! 1989 right? holy shit! only seems like yesterday that I saw this advert.
i  think at the time i was like 10 or 11. but this game has pretty much been played to death by me, friends, family and now share with my own children. but i remember seeing that advert so well. i was like "oh wow awesome!!" begging my mom in a a whiny little brat way "please please please... i need it i need it!" haha.
anyway i was a good boy and i got it eventually. opening the box was like..whooooohoooo so much goodness inside. this got played and played over and over. over the next few years it evolved a little as i grew more into the hobby.
firstly we had a den that this got played in. My best friend lived like 50 yards away. had a huge garden. so we built our own shed down the bottom of his garden.wooden panels, old doors, tin roof, fitted with carpets and a small sofa and some milk crates for chairs and table. it was comfortable enough to live in. and that we did in all of our spare time we would huddle around the board. light a few candles and play what felt like everyday. we had added new heroes. some got painted rather awfully with enamel paints. and as the other expansions unfolded. they too got played over and over and over. this probably went on for about 3 or 4 years.
i remember running an extension cable from his house down to our den just so we could play street fighter 2 for what felt like the entire summer holiday. but still we always found time for a bit of heroquest. and i guess everyone that has played heroquest has similar fond memories like this. but overtime. we get older. we accidentally burnt our den down when we were teenagers during an experiment with a full aerosol can and a open fire lol. and shortly after my best friend moved away. heroquest never got played the same again. and was pretty much lost somewhere in my house for years as i spent most of my time being a teenager, getting drunk on cheap cider and seeing what sorts of mischief we could get upto, then hitting my early adulthood was spent doing pretty much the same. partying, getting drunk blah blah. when i met my wife we settled down a little and after a rainy day i remember finding heroquest. to which i said...'wanna play this? its not been touched for years'... this was like a jumanji moment. like finding an old chest. the hero sheets still having the same writing on from me and my buddies from years before the same shitty fimir covered in enamel paints. we would play the game together quite often. and then my eldest daughter came along. who even now loves playing games with me. heroquest hasn't hit the table for a while due to me undertaking my whole custom project. but has been a backbone of my life, leading into my family life. and i just hope my newest baby will love being entertained by goblins and scythe weilding farmer skeletons as much as my friends long gone. my family and me :)

thanks for reading

Sunday, 10 November 2013


So now the barbarian has a little stubborn friend! after trying my hand at sculpting a full figure for the first time. ive also finally painted him up.
whilst there is many thing i would probably of done different. im still happy how he came out for my first attempt. and in turn i feel immensely proud that i have finally achieved a milestone that ive wanted to hit for so so long. and thats make my own character from scratch.
so no there are 2. 2 more to go :)

now whilst i have him finished. he was also sent off for casting. and sent over to 25 first come first serve forum members over at the ye olde inn.
so i cant wait to see everyone else paint theirs up. and i do also believe he will be on sale fairly soon also. but more will come on that when i know more myself.

hope you enjoy :)

Saturday, 2 November 2013

a bit more from the sculpting lab. - a wizard

so ive been delving more dirtily into sculpting. trying my hand here and there at more and more. all of a sudden im developing a somewhat gruesome looking table with lots of heads on spikes turning up each time i get some left over putty. still learning what i can too!

and in the meantime i have sculpted what i can now claim to be my second scalp :)
the heroquest wizard always annoyed me. so he was definately on my list to find a replacement. and because i couldnt find one. the decision was made some months ago that when i could sculpt well enough. that i was going to sculpt him.
for me the wizard just never looked heroic enough. i understand they were probably going for that naive apprentice look. but to be he ended up looking more like this guy
not very heroic, but he might be able to help you dress better whilst dungeon crawling.
so yup i made an attempt at sculpting a new wizard. and here is what i came out with.
ok now i know this is my second ever sculpt. and i know i still have a lot to learn to get to where i want to be.
anatomy is still a little off. and im struggling with eyes also (this seems to be a little bit of holy grail info that nobody wants to share) but im making advancements. i was able to apply what i had learnt from my first sculpt to create much tidier finished article here. ok he did turn out looking a little like Ric Flair. but at least now he looks a little more on the heroic side whilst still keeping that apprentice sort of look.

anyways hope you enjoy him as much as i enjoyed sculpting him :)