Thursday, 13 April 2017

Descent Fire Imps

nice and simple models here. nice and easy to do utilising a white base coat with washes a plenty building up the white through yellows and oranges
having bought a few descent expansions recently ive got quite a few to get through...but slowly getting there :)


Saturday, 8 April 2017

Descent - Tatianna

Tatianna is a renowned huntress from a secluded tribe of female warriors living in the far reaches of Terrinoth. As civilization encroached on their long-held hunting grounds, Tatianna found her people unprepared to combat the modern world. To ensure the survival of her sisters, she left her home in search of gold, weapons, and powerful magic. With the fate of her people on her shoulders, Tatianna believes she can find some crucial knowledge or weapon in the legacy of the Stewards. as well as being my eldest daughters new character of choice. of course i had to point her up.

what i like with a lot of these descent character designs is that they leave a lot of scope to add the free-hand designs. here being no different with plenty of teenie tiny warpaint/tattoos to be added.
descent tatianna

She came out pretty well. and my daughter is well impressed too. oddly though this character is pretty naff as my daughter is now discovering in our current campaign.