Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Nanok of the blade

Descent Descent so many expansions to choose from after being away so long.
of course i go with the one thats got a barbarian in it!!

all games. i wanna be the barbarian. the barbarian the barbarian
poker.......yeh im the barbarian

and of course descent. i now have the barbarian. so guess who i'm gonna be?

The guy was really fun to paint. i get a lot of enjoyment in painting fleshtones. and i like the contrasts between the red and yellow/gold.
and just had to try freehand on that emblem.

i also want to add how impressed i am that FFG decided to change the designs of the descent figures. they are a huge improvement.

Monday, 23 January 2017

Descent finally gets some love!

OK I've not been shy in the past on my opinions of the miniatures that came with the base box set of Descent Journeys in the dark 2.0



In fact in this household we loved the game and played it a lot. at the time there were no expansions. so this sat on the shelf for a while.
Following the disinterest and quite disastrous reign of Warhammer quest silver tower at our gaming table, this baby was brought back off the shelf.
noticing a whole load of expansions had been released i decided the research a little.
and you know what?
i think the designers have read my blog!! hahaha.
From each expansion the miniatures have seemed to of improved. the miniatures in the most recent expansion released being far superior in design to the original. you can actually see the incline in quality from each expansion.
so much so i went out and bought a couple to put my theory to the test.
the scale has increased from realistic to heroic. which is'nt totally out of place. but it is actually a whole lot better.

so i went back over my 2 previous posts where i pretty much berated 90% of the minis within the descent base box.

was i harsh or was i fair?
I guess opinion may be divided. but regardless I thought "maybe i just did'nt give them any love"
so seeing the massive upheaval in quality i thought maybe i should at least revisit the older minis and try and give them a little love to bring the quality up

so lets start of with Avric. ive decided to put a before and after shot side by side mainly for myself to see the difference that extra time and effort may or may not of paid off. I think it did!

 Leoric of the book.. still smug. but definitely looking much better. i was pestered and pestered to repaint him by daughter #2 as he was her favourite at the point of painting these. that has since changed after purchasing some of the expansions

Syndrael. again another full repaint. toning down the facial features a little rather than trying to over compensate them. not a great sculpt but the repaint brought out a much better overall look i think.

Widow Tarha. i like this character. the scale leaves a lot to be desired. but the repaint definitely brought out more in the sculpt.

Tomble. i didnt actually repaint this one at all. i just painted the base and gave him a nice dulcoat finish. still an improvement i think.

Grisban. another i chose not to repaint. the original did'nt come out that bad. so again i just painted the base and gave him a dulcoat finish. still look better than he originally did

Jain. full repaint on this one. not a great sculpt but was able to breathe a little more life into daughter #1's fave character. i think one of the major flaws with these figures away from the scaling was the mold lines. any of the character facing sideways all had mould lines directly down their faces. which is why in not giving you full 360 images of these! haha

Ashrian...poor Ashrian. i forgot to take a picture of her. but it doesnt matter. because i didnt repaint her anyways. just painted her base and gave a dulcoat finish. but regardless you can see her below with all of her base game buddies!

my eyes are firmly locked on progressing with descent now and fleshing out my collection with more expansions. i now own

Lair of the wyrm
Treaty of champions
Stewards of the secret

so expect to see some posts of my paint jobs on those
i may also possibly revisit some of the monsters from the base game. at least finish the bases on them at minimum :)

oh and happy belated 2017!