Monday, 30 November 2015

next batch of dungeon doors

so whilst ive already shown my first testers and then a handful of doors. all of which i made the intention and commitment of making every single one unique......WHYYYYYYYYYYY?
lol honestly im fairly certain i am not the only one within this crazy little hobby world that simply just makes too much work for themselves.
i see the oldhammer sights floating around showing freshly painted 30 year old miniature. and im fairly certain its not the nostalgia, but moreso the fact that its been sitting in the painting queue that long. look at that minotaur lord i posted a few months back. thats been sitting waiting to be painted since about 1991 lol

so whilst ive progressed a little with my doors ive also hit a bit of a brick wall. because again whilst i made them all unique. it feels like im paiting units again. so the below  6 are the next off the the list. totting up 14 doors so far and needing to complete a further 8 and then im done.
 i made some simple press molds from those goblin spider bases GW kicked out. they make some nice little touches to all of the dungeon furniture ive done so far. if you ask me its the little details that make all the difference.
and ive tried to show that in all of the doors. another skaven themed door here making fairly good use of that cute little rat that sits ontop of the clanrats standard bearer.
 another delve into the bits box and i was able to do a sort of chaos themed door. not sure where the main skull comes from as i couldnt find it on any chaos standard bearer by GW. but nonetheless it helps as a centre piece to a pretty cool looking door i think.
 another skaven one here. either i was running out of bits or i was running out of ideas on this one. not even the sculpted little smudge of a rat makes this one stand out much. but its unique. and that was the quest.
 the plan here was for some other sort of chaos based door. nice and simple. and i even tried out a new paint i had bought for the blood..but then sealed the model with some spray and lost the wet blood shine of it lol. didnt turn out too bad though.
another simple door. making use of my press moulds some skull thing from my bits box and some mushrooms i had made. again. another different looking one. so alls good.
you may notice a lot of these doors have dwarven runes on them. like everything i make. i like to add character and details that might go unnoticed. im sure im not the only one that makes up an origin to a character when painting them up. so i like to do the same whenever i create custom stuff. back stories help with ideas for those subtle little details. and the whole point of the dwarven runes are quite simple. the dungeons were once dwarven strongholds, mines or whatever. and have since been overrun by the beasties of the old world. each of the runes are correct from the dwarf WFB book and all have a meaning. so i guess its a nice little touch to add.

so ive got 8 more to do. but think im going to sit on those for a while and work on some other stuff until i can find the inspiration to dive back in and finish these doors off.
ive been working on quite a few other things recently and hope to have plenty more to show soon enough.


Sunday, 29 November 2015

giant rats

taken a break from doors as i have way too many to get through (i do have a few more completed ones to post up)
so i thought i would tackle something simple and easy. so fleshing out the skaven bestiary i managed to pick up a plague monk sprue and a slaver sprue for pretty cheap. from this i was able to throw together a total of 12 giant rats (slavers and plague monks to come later)
nice simple paint job on these of base colours and a devlan mud wash and they are ready to go.
ive come to the conclusion also that i absolutely hate unit painting. i really cant bring myself to put a good paint job onto a unit anymore without the fear its going to end up taking me 12 months to finish.
so ive decided that any unit types i do from now on are going to be table top standard at very best. and spend more time on characters. i mean really. 12 giant rats? they are just cannon fodder right? im never going to win a golden demon award for even my best jobs. so why waste so much time.
anyways im currently stocking up all the skaven ive done thus far. and the shelf they are sitting on is getting pretty full. so maybe ill be able to throw some full clan screenshots into the mix pretty soon.

anyways until the next time
happy exploring dungeoneers!!