Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Rat Ogres

something a little different now. whilst a lot of my stuff is mainly heroquest. i do tend to play a lot of advanced heroquest too. and another part of my own special heroquest is to basically have everything for both games..including fleshing out the bestiary for advanced heroquest. whilst most of the figures from heroquest can crossover to advanced heroquest. there as still some that i will be adding over time. so here is my first advanced heroquest only additions.
these are from one of the warhammer boxed sets i believe. cant remember which. however i do know i managed to pick up every single skanved from that box for 20 quid. of which the rates GW charges these days, these figures would cost 20 quid on their own.
these are so much better than the singular rat ogres they sell. brutish. warped, completely out of proportion. i love em!
this one is my favourite. got a hulking menace about him.
this one has more of a mutant chronicles sort of look about him. the grafted on weaponry and such. frankenrat!!

and finally ....got to have an action shot :)