Sunday, 15 December 2013

The Elf

so ive been sculpting as and when i can. but time isnt as permitting at the moment. for anyone that works and has a family. you'll know exactly what im talking about. crazy isnt the word this year!
but ive been doing bits and bobs on this guy over the last few weeks.
my 3rd sculpt to date now. and i feel im making steady progress. personally i feel i got a little lucky with the dwarf as my first sculpt. and the other 2 after that have just taken me a much longer time to do.
regardless i now have the dwarf the wizard and the elf freshly sculpted. as well as my barbarian conversion. im now on the homestraight. to getting my brand new personalized heroes.
anyways here he is!

anyways id just like to point out that my sculpts will soon be available to purchase. due to a very kind store owner wanting to house my sculpts. this will be sometime in the new year. but i will make sure you all get a heads up when this happens.

hope you like!
peace :)