Monday, 17 November 2014


so another long standing project that stems way back to mid last year where I set up my own challenge to create/sculpt the heroes that I wanted for heroquest. having used various proxy figs over the years, I basically wanted my own, in my view. and with that i first created a kit bashed barbarian
and then i set about sculpting my very first ever full miniature in the Dwarf
and then proceeded with the others. next i finished up on the wizard
and very swiftly followed up by the elf
at this point i sent them off to be cast. with quite a few members of ye olde inn nabbing the limited run of these 3 brand new figures. i believe these can still be nabbed over at zealot miniatures for a very reasonable price

with that came 2015 where my hobby tie got stripped right back. having these sitting round for quite quite a few months with me unable to find the time to paint these up, sitting on my shelf waiting for the day i could finish them off. and showcase them all as a group as i am doing so here.

so anyways, now they are done. and im quite happy, my first project into full miniature sculpting as well as finally completing my own personal collection of Heroquest Heroes.
so heres a few more shots to showcase them a little.

i also gave my skellies an additional wash of seraphim sepia to give them a more of a old dirtier look

well there you have it..hope you enjoyed :)