Sunday, 10 September 2017


with the recent release over the last year or so of both silver tower and shadows over hammerhal. there hasnt been very much in terms of player created content.
silver tower didnt really have very much room for this. but with hammerhal being very much a 'successor' to the ethos of heroquest. the door got swung wide open!
so first i released a map making kit this was to help not only myself but others create some player created quests.
additionally i thought it would be worth taking another venture into making some map tiles.
the design of both silver tower and hammerhal means you do not need to have flagstones as squares..just make a cool looking tile and put an overlay of 35mm squares over it.

this gives much more freedom to creating i feel. so thought i would give it a try for this game.
so here it is

hammerhal tile

The idea here was to make something relatively generic but also with a light theme around it.

I'm looking to create some more going forwards. so if you guys play this game or have any ideas or requests i would be happy to give it a try.

anyways if you play and want this you can download its fullsize here
for printing purposes. just print at fullsize as it was made for 35mm squares