Saturday, 3 February 2018


utilising the same method as previous for painting up this guy i decided to give the same methods a whirl on a model that has been sitting in my pile for a while.

when i tend to buy all my paint via mail order i normally chuck a random miniature in there for good measure...of course I've been painting up Skaven for a while now. so seems perfect I drop a character into the mix. not much to add to this but i wanted to try the whole thin washes approach again. going for a grimy approach to this character as it clearly fits the theme. and also helping to me grow with this painting style.

this model itself must be a cast off from the finecast days because the detailing on it is just crazy, making it very paintable indeed. however I'm trialling new techniques. so fully expect a little hit and miss.

first up the obligatory cinematic shot!

now these finecast models are so detailed it actually makes them hard to paint in a certain sense. there are little details i just couldn't see with the human eye and it wasn't until i actually took these pictures that the cracks started to show. but again. trial and error right?

also another thing i've come to realise...i am due a new camera. this one has served me well over the last few years but I'm starting to notice the odd pixel is damaged here or there and the photos dont seem to come out as crisp as they used perfect excuse for me to start looking for a new one.

so this new way of painting. seems to be quick...much quicker. i still need to work on my accuracy on this front as i can see some of the very deep recesses haven't had much paint hit them. but this model took me about 3 hours to paint..and its a character model that I've also applied a lot of freehand to. so hoping to put this into practice soon enough to help me get around me unit painting woes!

anyways hope you like the new cinematic photo too as i did a little more on that one as opposed to normal.
oh and a nice shiny new banner too! :)

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