Tuesday, 20 March 2018

The Warhammer Quest........... Quest...

so with the recent HIT at the table in  Warhammer Quest Shadows over Hammerhal....we still want more Quest!!

the recent 3 white dwarf quests have given us a little more, and whilst we still haven't completed all of the available material..we aren't far off. we are yearning for a campaign, a way to grow our characters. whilst hammerhal offers a great experience. that experience is almost over. and we have no idea if games workshop have any plans to release a role-play book or any way to expand officially upon the new WHQ

so the answer is..........
Warhammer quest 1995. however in true 'me' fashion. I refuse to pay the over the odds prices for a game that i will just end up replacing a huge amount of the part anyway. But still i want it!!

so what do I do?
having read a few posts on this fab blog and seemingly being inspired to even steal the same blog post title!

i decide to make my own of course!!
so here's the plan.........

the box set contains the following

32 Page Rule Book  - have a copy
16 Page Adventure Book  - have a copy
192 Page Role-play Book  - have a copy
1 How to Play sheet  - need to find this

50 Page Adventure Record Pad - surely can just print this as and when?

89 Playing Cards - make my own and print via a card printing service. any recommendations?
19 Event Cards - make my own
23 Dungeon Cards - make my own
30 Treasure Cards - already made these

17 Blank Event Cards dont really need these. can add as per above when i see fit.
15 Spell Cards - make my own

4 Warrior Cards - make my own
4 Battle-level Cards - make my own
4 Equipment Cards - make my own
4 Warrior Counters - make my own

23 Floorplans & Pieces - make my own..already made 1 of them. but may well just print originals for now
6 Dungeon Rooms
5 Objective Rooms
7 Corridors
1 Steps
3 T-junctions
1 Corner

48 Markers & Counters - make my own
1 Portcullis Marker - already got zealot doors and portcullis don't think i need this??

1 Cave-in Marker - make my own
3 Pit of Despair Markers - make my own
6 Webbed Counters - make my own
15 Power Tokens - make my own
10 Luck Counters - make my own
18 Scenery Markers - what are these???

91 Citadel miniatures
4 Warrior models - proxy already have lots of suitable minis to choose from but may well stick with these guys
(Barbarian, Dwarf, Elf & Wizard)

6 Orc Warrior models - Proxy from GW orks/orruks or whatever they call them these days
6 Orc Archer models - Proxy same as above

6 Goblin Spearmen models - already have a massive box of goblins sprues. i can most likely throw these together with ease!
6 Night Goblin Archer models - already own from the base set..no idea where they came from!

12 Skaven models - got hundreds of skaven already

3 Minotaur models - have a Minotaur I sculpted a while ago which i intend on casting up

12 Giant Spider models - Proxy. need to find some good options here. advice welcome

12 Giant Bat models - Proxy need to find some good options here. advice welcome

12 Giant Rat models - already have suitable proxies here

12 Snotling models - already have proxies here

10 Dungeon Doorways - got plenty of suitable doors here

18 Dice - just dice!!..grab from anywhere
6 Large Dice (white)
12 Small Dice (red)

so when i put out what i already have..I've actually got a bit of a head start already from my other dungeon ventures.
-the miniatures i'm not that far away from having all!
-the biggest task for me is the cards, tiles and token i believe.
-but I'm pretty handy with Photoshop and don't think there is anything here i couldn't create from scratch having already started this project with a tester of making the treasure deck. this was pretty easy to churn out. so the rest should be pretty easy.
the rest ill figure out as i'm going. after all what good is a quest if you know what is around the corner already? :)
if anyone has any handy advice that may assist me this would be greatly appreciated :)
like -

Am i mental?
most likely. but its gonna be a fun project regardless.

Will I be pissed when I've wrapped up the project and hate the game?
hope not. because ill have a few more expansions and things to add to what i already have.
so here's hoping...

onto the quest we go!

Small Dice (red)

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