Friday, 11 May 2018

WHQ - Treasure cards back from the printers

So i have kinda stalled my progress on my original WHQ recreation purely for the sake that early last week i sent away my first batch of cards to trial printer studio out. Having completed the graphics for all of the Treasure cards from the Base game, Catacombs of Terror, Lair of the Orc Lord and couple of white dwarf entries i decided rather than send everything off to the printers only to have an error. i thought i would send over a test batch..
so 1 week later these little babies turned up in the post. and i have to say. I'm really pleased how they turned out.

now whilst they aren't perfect. they still came out excellently. they are a little darker than i would of hoped for. but that's more my issue in design.
overall I'm chuffed to bit that they came back so quickly and how they also turned out.

now all i need to do is get the rest of them sent over and that will be every card at the printer.

oh and i still have to make treasure packs 1,2 and 3 eek!
but at least i will know how they will turn out.

anyways..enjoy :)


  1. do you have digital copies of all the spells for Warhammer quest?

  2. i do. i created all of these cards 80% from scratch sourcing artwork from various places. because of this i dont think it is a wise choice to distribute