Sunday, 12 February 2017

Descent - Seer Kel

next off the line from the Stewards of the Secret H&M expansion is Seer Kel.
now this character itself...It's a little odd. shes like some sort of fairy looking thing. and the overall shape and design of the model is something most painters will think "i'll paint that one last!"
and i was going to leave it till last...until that is. my 3 year old daughter proclaimed her "that's my favourite character please daddy can you paint it next"

repeat that over a thousand times over a couple of days. and you now understand why i tackled this one much earlier on.

onto the design. i searched the internet to see how others had painted this. and as i expected. there hasn't been many paint strokes thrown in seer Kels direction.
the overall shape of the model is a challenge to paint. and even though i base my models onto a loose paint pot with some blue-tac. i found myself constantly having to go and retouch up the edge parts of the model. This mini wasn't easy to paint. and i really have very little idea what i was going to do other that attempt to follow the hero card.

so he were go

the challenge here was the obvious focal point of the model is at the back of the model. the skirt thing is huge and what gives her the levitating look. the base artwork had this shown with dark blues. not sure if this was a shadow effect or not. but that's what i went with. and due to the design of the model. what i decided to paint first and get out of the way.
the next challenge was actually ficuring out if this skirt was supposed to be peacock feathers or leaves. i went with a mixture of both.
the final challenge was "what level of detail shall i go for?"
she has some facial/tribal type markings on her face.
and then there are those intricate designs on her leggings..
freehand is something i really want to improve on. so i thought "screw it, lets give it a bash!"
also shes blind..hence the lack of pupils on the eyes.
the freehand didn't turn out too bad. its hard enough painting at this size and then managing to get it completely symmetrical. i tried. and well i think it came out well.
ive given the expansion heroes much more love than the original descent base game. but that said. these are better models in every way. they are actually a joy to paint. and i think that shows with the fact that they can keep my attention throughout.

still got many more to paint. but going strong i think :)