Friday, 3 February 2017

More descent Monsters

having recently gotten back into descent, along with the purchase of a couple of expansions. i've been painting some of them up.

first up i have the hybrid sentinels from the lair of the wyrm expansion
simple technique applied to all of the monsters. base colours and army painter strong tone. thats it. no highlights. no nothing..want to keep it simple on these paint jobs and then make the heroes stand out more by giving them decent paint jobs.
Regardless i still think these work well. they are painted...which is better than not painted right?

Next up we have the Ferrox from The Stewards of the secret hero and monster expansion box

i did something a little different on these. due to the colours. giving them a murky wash of strong tone wouldn't of given the desired look. so these were painted different using various washes over the white basecoat

these however were back to the old strong tone. i gave the bones a wash of sepia and touched the eyes up at the end as i prefer an older looking bone to my skellies

all nice and simply done. and adding a bit more to my collection.
enjoy :)