Sunday, 29 March 2020

Descent monsters

so its pretty clear i certainly fall within the 'infrequent' blogger category.
but if i am going to take anything from this corona business, then its the fact i will get to spend some extended time with my family. i work hard, so much so i am often too tired come the end of the day to acknowledge too much .
this said the next 5 weeks at minimum are going to be a massive culture shock for me. and a massively tough time for everyone around the world.
but i am going to try and take something from this as a rocket up the backside, stay healthy, keep my family safe and healthy. this also comes with the added notion of 'what the hell am i going to do with myself for the next 5 weeks..or longer?'

well i already found 1 answer

PAINT SOME MINI'S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Goblin Witchers
over the last year or so i have acquired every single box set for descent. The only things i do not own are a few of the lieutenants and a few of the heroes and monster expansions.

some of this painting will involve dredging through so of the older sets that still have crappy minis, but ill see what I can do all the same.

I'm not going for mega detail on these. i just want to get them painted. and one of the bonuses with descent from my point of view is that the way in which the game is structered, you rarely have too many of 1 type, thus drawing away from the painful mental block i suffer with painting 10 or more of the same unit.

ill be trying plenty of varied methods though and both of the above were simply painted with washes and drybrushing. so were pretty rapid to paint up.

and ontop of that. i have even managed to rope in family to help
"ahh these will be easy, give it a try"
my 6 year old rose to the challenge (with a little help from Daddy of course)

Volucrix Reavers

with about another 100 models left to paint its pretty safe to say amongst a lot fo my other projects that have had to sit on the shelf, there is a very good chance i will have LOTS of hobby time. and i intend to enjoy it with my family,
get a few games in here and there.
and most of all, remain safe and healthy.

and i hope you all do too!



  1. Welcome back, good to see you've been busy. Nice additions to your collections, the Volucrix Reavers look like interesting beasties, never seen them before.

    1. thanks. and yeh they are a pretty cool design and simplistic too, which is why i deemed them a good starting place for teaching my daughter the basics of paitning, the reavers kinda remind me of a mixtore of deathclaws from fall out and xenomporphs from aliens. cool designs. by that 1 leg stance means they all lean over to the right a bit which is sad